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We chose Tech Pro over several other companies to install a new server and manage a migration from one practice management system to another. All of them have been wonderful to deal with, responsive to our needs, and extremely professional. After successfully completing the migration, they now manage all of our IT infrastructure."

Tracy Veniez,
Practice Manager
Triangle Neurosurgery , PA

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System & Network Design

Tech Pro has vast experience in the configuration, maintenance and repair of business networks ranging from 2 user operations up to 100+ user systems spanning multiple locations.

  • New Office setups
  • Office relocations
  • Multi-linked Offices (Wide Area Networks)
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Microsoft Small Business Server

LAN (local Area Networks)

LAN’s are the typical office network setup. All workstations are connected to a central server(s) for file and printer sharing etc. These networks are limited to a single geographical area and don’t require the use of the internet to link workstations together.

WAN (Wide Area Networks)

WAN’s cover large geographical areas and are used for linking LAN’s together. They are privately owned networks that use the internet as a medium for joining all their networks together. Meaning multiple networks spread nationally or globally can function as a single network.

Microsoft Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services)

This is a component of certain Microsoft Windows systems that allows users to access applications and other resources on their network from a remote location. Depending on the speed of the network, the user experience is likable to physically sitting inside your office. This sort of technology is rapidly becoming popular for people who need access to their company data while away from the office.

Microsoft Small Business Server

Also known as Windows Small Business Server, this is a server suite specifically designed for small business networks with less than 75 users. It comes bundled with a range of solutions that enables your network to be used at its highest potential. Opening the door to special features like managed email, shared calendars, network monitoring, Remote Web Workplace and more.

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